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Pathways To Restoration and Purpose works in collaboration with other nonprofits, CDFI's and national workforce agencies to provide training that helps individuals connect and engage in careers and work that matters to their soul and alignment. The value in the work they do is higher and the longevity in each career stop tends to be more pronounced when people align with and value "what they do" for work and career. 

We are also a liaison with banks, CDFI's and other nonprofit training institutions that are dedicated to helping uplift the individuals who come through our services. This collective community effort and responsibility helps us all "be the change we wish to see in our society." 

About Us

Pathways To Restoration and Purpose is a Dallas/Fort Worth based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit geared toward total community uplift and restoration through community programming and engagement. Founded in 2023 by Ms. Rose N. Jones, P2RP is a vital resource organization that is an extension of over 30 years of nonprofit service and over 30 years of being a primary impact resource for those in need.

30 Years of
Community Service

After 30 rewarding years of community service through a very vital family/ kinship adoption agency, Ms. Jones has provided another very vital service for people from all walks of life and has been able to birth a vision that will be the impact organization 30 years down the line that its predecessor, CFI Services has been.

These legacy organizations are meant to make the broadest impact with the most helpful resources, and we will make sure that our donors, sponsors, friends, family, and community organizations can be proud of their collective effort, energy and donations-by having graduates of our services go out and become the new, future leaders of the world.

Happy Entrepreneurs

Board Of

Rose N. Jones
Founder Executive Director

Rose Jones

Pathways To Restoration and Purpose was conceived years ago, and formally founded by Rose Nesbitt Jones in July of 2023. An avid server and passionate leader in her community, she provides services that build, strengthen, and restore families.

With over 40 years of social work experience, it is evident that Rose Jones is committed to the preservation of families. She began her career in adoption as a house parent for emotionally disturbed and at-risk teenage girls while attending college. Later, she successfully earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Subsequently, Ms. Jones earned a master’s degree in social work from the University of Texas at Arlington. Shortly thereafter, she became employed with the Texas Department of Family and Protective services, where she provided adoption and foster care services for 7 years.


Although Rose enjoyed her position with TDFPS, she had a deeper desire to accomplish more in adoption. God put it on her heart to establish an agency that specialized in placing hard-to-place children, particularly African American children, school age children, and sibling groups. That first agency now has a 30-year, remarkable history as a leading DFW nonprofit organization and she has now embarked on a new organization that broadens the scope of services to Workforce Development, Community Financial Literacy, Career Training, Civics Engagement and more!

Marquise Jones
Vice President

Marquise Jones
Marquise is an award-winning Wedding Entertainer with over 13 years of experience in the Entertainment industry! He has helped start and create several Nonprofits/For Profits and Community organizations.

He provides support and mentoring to aspiring young entrepreneurs and his hope is to continue contributing to individuals and the community, to help empower people to realize and live their full potential.

Yolanda Nesbitt

Yolanda R. Nesbitt has two decades of experience as a cosmetologist business owner, she is a resilient and dedicated advocate for children and family empowerment and community growth. Yolanda is more than a successful business owner. She exhibits a deep desire to inspire, build and strengthen the lives of children and families in the community. With a wealthy and diverse professional background, Yolanda has effortlessly evolved into various roles targeted at making a positive influence on society. While working in the correctional field and contributing to programs focused on rehabilitation and reintegration, she gained significant insight into youth and adult reform.

Yolanda has committed her time and efforts to volunteering and now mentoring at the highly respected Children and Family Institute. She provides mentorship to single parents and families, giving them the support and guidance they need. Being a single parent herself she understands the challenges and successes of single parenthood.

Yolanda continues to be a dedicated and committed change agent for hope and resilience by inspiring, mentoring, uplifting and empowering children and families in the community she serves.
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